Hello! Please excuse any confusion this site may have in the next week or so. I am attempting to update and make a few changes. Since the start-up of the sister site, the goal of my business site (Twisted & Plied) has altered. It will now be dedicated to showcasing handmade products, fibers and yarns.…… Continue reading F.Y.I.

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Handspun in the Hair: what to do with art yarn

I just HAD to create something today. And I wanted to use some of my beautiful handspun yarns. But I was feeling too impatient to knit or crochet something…well, real. These handspun yarns are just so pretty to look at!   To be honest, they intimidate me because they are so pretty. I don’t want to ruin it.…… Continue reading Handspun in the Hair: what to do with art yarn

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Knitting Toolbag: the needles

Every skill comes with it’s own set of tools and know-how. This posting is especially for the newbee who is overwhelmed with the options of needles in the craft store or online. Other knitters might read on just to see if they learn something new, or you might have some valuable knowledge to lend us…… Continue reading Knitting Toolbag: the needles

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Diary of a Fiber Artist entry #1

It’s been rough week plus a little. To start off last week, my body began a flare up of my chronic illness which includes but isn’t limited to: fatigue, pain, difficulty eating and skin irritations. I haven’t had much energy for even knitting or spinning. Although I did do a little…     And we also…… Continue reading Diary of a Fiber Artist entry #1