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Handspun in the Hair: what to do with art yarn

I just HAD to create something today.

And I wanted to use some of my beautiful handspun yarns.

But I was feeling too impatient to knit or crochet something…well, real.

These handspun yarns are just so pretty to look at!



To be honest, they intimidate me because they are so pretty. I don’t want to ruin it. So I have a hard time casting on with them. Instead, I just look at them.

My desire to create something simple, use handspun yarn, and wear head wraps this summer, merged.

I really like scarves and love love the look of them as headbands and hair wraps, but I always have issue with bulkiness. I like it simple and close to the head.





This one I knit with humungous size 17 knitting needles. The kind that usually just sit in a vase to decorate my space. It took about 20 minutes to knit, which I did while checking out Youtube videos for hairstyle ideas. 😉

The knitted part was done with handspun Alpaca that I get from my neighbor and process myself all the way from raw to yarn. It is amazingly soft and I really love how this stretches and hugs my head. I just knit up a rectangle until I was happy with the size.For the fringe to tie it around, I used lace, handspun and hand dyed green mohair (pictured above), and a chunky handspun alpaca-wool blend. To get a bohemian type look I tied the fringe in a different order on each end at the corners and in the  middle. (

I think I might add some more of the green…I really like that pop of color!

This wrap looked fantastic with my hair down and tied as a headband with the brown net on top of my head and the fringe trailing through my locks in the back. I would have captured a photo, but when I was playing with them I hadn’t planned on sharing and then when I decided it was too good not too, I had already put my hair up in a very satisfactory messy bun that I hated to ruin.





The next one I made was even quicker….I think it probably took 5 minutes.


It is constructed of a small thrifted hankie and some of my hanspun, hand dyed art yarn.

I just cut the fringe and tied it to the corners. That simple


Super happy how they turned out. Here are some photos of them off my head:



I put this one on like this over my hair when it was down and it was really cute.

So be brave and put the handspun to good use. Whether you spun it our bought it show it off!

Happy Day





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