Meet Heidi

Hello, glad you want to know me better!

I have been married to my Highschool sweetheart for 16 adventure filled years! We have 7 fabulous children, five girls and two boys. I am blessed to be able to educate our kids at home and have been for nine years. You can read about our homeschool at my archived blog of years past at Happy Day Homeschooling (I am no longer updating on that blog).

Ever tried to get 9 people to look good in a photo? Well, here we are nontheless.
Ever tried to get 9 people to look good in a photo? Well, here we are nontheless.

We have a sweet log cabin home in the mountains of Idaho where we have lived the past six years. This has been the first experience for my kids to experience living in the country and having farm animals. They love it and so do I!

I have always been an artist and love creating from a variety of media. At the age of 13 I learned to crochet, and it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I felt brave enough to try knitting. Now I feel lost without yarn on my needles. Most of the time I have more than one project in the works!

Recently I have found a new passion in learning the history of knitting and other early textile hand manufacturing. It amazes me that the women before, and even for a time after, the Industrial Revolution, had their hands always busy producing textiles for their families comfort. It was a necessary life skill, one that could not be done without.What an inspiration they all are! This has spurred a desire in me to make sure that as many women and girls as I can reach, learn to knit. It is a time-honored tradition of our past that has, in my opinion, gone missing and turned into a frivolous activity as seen by the world to be “just a hobby”. As the green movement continues to sweep our Nation, I believe that having the knowledge and skill to produce what we can on our own to be as self-sufficient as possible is even more pertinent than buying or creating recycled products.

If knitting were my ice cream then learning to spin yarn feels like I have put the cherry on top of my hot fudge sunday! I love everything about it. It is especially thrilling to raise the animals from which the fiber comes! The goats we raise are part of the family, and like all members of our family they work to earn their keep. Their primary roles on our little farmstead is to keep the vegetation down for fire protection, produce fleeces for spinning, and milk to nourish us. I have the highest regard for my animals and strive to be certain that they live a happy and healthy life while under our care.

Feel free to ask me questions and please remember to hit the follow button!

Happy Day!



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