Custom Orders

I love receiving custom orders!

  • knitted or crochet items
  • handspun yarn
  • raw fibers (if it isn’t grown on my farmstead I can find what you are looking for)
  • mohair locks
  • rovings, clouds, rolags for spinning
  • recycled yarns
  • handspun art yarn

Just contact me with your request and I will see what I can do. I can help you find inspiration if you aren’t quite sure what you want.

For many projects I can even give the option of using thrifted materials if you like to keep things green.

I am happy to put together a free quote of what your requested item will cost. When the order is placed I require a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 the total price. This is to ensure that I get compensation for my work should the order be canceled.

I will do my best to complete customs orders on the requested timeline. However, handmade items take extra time and focus, so in order to provide you with a quality product I will not rush an order to complete it by a deadline. Tired hands do poor work.

I do not except exchanges or give refunds for custom work. Although, if you are unhappy with your order there may be other arrangements that can be made such as an alteration.


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