What is DSW?

                                   “Learning from our past, to propel us into our future.”


As a  homeschool mom of seven, and wife to my best friend, I am not without something to do with my time. Seriously, have you ever seen laundry for a family of 9?

and this was a light washing day

 My days are filled, and yet there is something more that I feel inspired to do. The past has always intrigued me.  I could never get enough of The Little House on the Prairie, and spending time with my Grandmothers was one of my very favorite things to do. The books I am drawn to read are all usually some form of historical fiction with a woman that over comes her obstacles in life, finding renewed strength to press forward.Recently the desire to know more about the courageous woman who built this Nation and my love of knitting collided.

Questions rattle around in my brain. When did knitting change from a life skill to a hobby? How did our Great Grandmothers find time to knit  all the textiles their families required? Without the help of the internet, how did they learn? Why is this not viewed as an important skill today? What will happen when/if mass production of textiles ceases to exist? Who will provide clothing? Who will know how to knit a pair of socks?! The list goes on.

This quest has taken on a life of its own. There is no way that I can learn the answers to the above questions and not share the knowledge and skills that come forth!


A sister-site has been born: Domestic Science Workshop where I am offering to share not only the important skill of knitting, but also other traditional lost skills. Come explore traditional family values, baking bread and other arts of the home.

Learning  from the women of our past will give us the courage to regain the skills of our heritage.We will grow together, becoming good friends forming a close-knit community (pun intended). The support and courage that we can find in each other will conquer our fears!

Please click on over to DSW and see what amazing things are happening there!


Happy Day!




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