Mohair comes from the Angora goat. It is used to add luster and shine to blended fibers, as doll hair/toy hair and is also useful in felting projects.We have one Angora goat here on the farmstead. His name is Hanzel:


This big guy is an “over producer” he grows mohair rapidly. We love him because he is truly a gentle giant. He will come running to anyone who has his favorite treat of tortillas.

Hanzel’s raw unwashed fleece is $6.00/lb. Occasionally I will have washed natural or dyed locks available for $2-$3 dollars an ounce. If there is none listed on this page contact me to see about a special order.

Currently available:

2016 8lbs of raw unwashed fleece. Our animals live a free range lifestyle 3 seasons out of the year, there is proof via vegetable matter in the fleeces. The mohair is so silky however, that it is not difficult to get clean. We “skirt” the fleece as we are shearing, but it may need some additional skirting.

This is a handful of this fleece that I washed in the bathtub and handpicked/combed:


Creamy white and fluffy like a cloud! Hazel’s 2016 fleece had some hardship due to our fire and there isn’t a whole lot of nice locks. It would be perfect for blending to spin or for felting.

Your fleece will look like this before washing:


Hanzel will provide us with a 2 season fleece this spring (2017). We were unable to get our shearing done last fall before the cold hit, so rather than take their warm “coats” we chose to let them keep it. It’s a good thing we did too because we have had record lows this year! After shearing I will heavily skirt and pull usable mohair. Hopefully there will be some worth sharing!

There is one more fleece available now and will only be available this one time.

Purl was also an adult Angora goat. She was little shy, and we didn’t have her long but she did have beautiful locks!


We have her spring 2016 fleece available. Purl’s raw unwashed fleece is $7/lb OR if you only want lovely locks, I will carefully wash some for you at $3/oz. Below is a photo of some of her locks (unwashed):



Some of Purl’s locks are easily 10″ long unstretched. Remember, her mohair will come out creamy white as well. These locks would make beautiful doll hair in natural blonde or dyed to your preference of color.

We have a fleece weighing 10lbs available. It may need some additional skirting, although we try to skirt as we go when shearing.


As I mentioned above, Purl only gifted us with this one fleece. Shortly after she caught a terrible cold and did not survive it. We all mourned the loss of this beautiful creature.

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