Pygora goats are a cross breed of Angora and pygmy goats. There are three types of fleeces grown on a pygora goat:

Type A: Is more like the Angora goat. With very few guard hairs and lovely locks. But it retains a luster and softness that pure mohair does not, even into adulthood.

Type B: Is a nice versatile mix. There is still few guard hairs, but there may be more than in type A. Lovely curls are still evident, although they are shorter in length. This type also has a nice shine and lovely softness throughout the goats life.

Type C: This fleece is close to cashmere softness! It is generally a matte color, and has no curl but possible a bit of crimp. These fleeces have course guard hair that contrasts vividly with the soft fleece. It can be combed out and does not need to be shorn from the goat. There is a smaller yield to this type of fleece.

We have four Pygora goats currently in the herd.Our Pygora’s come from an award winning line, but I am not into contests so they have not been tested or rated. Only grown in a free range environment, and harvested ourselves with gentleness and appreciation.

There are two kid fleeces currently available:

They both are in the Type B category. There is only a small amount or even no guard hair in these kid fleeces.

The color is a rich dark brown/black mixed with a light grey. (Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a picture of this fleece color on a goat)


There is not a lot of VM in these raw fleeces and they have been washed but not picked free of vegetable matter or guard hair.

Our Pygora kid fleeces are $8/oz

Gaston is a whether and once you catch him he will lay across your lap like a dog while you comb his soft fleece. He is so snuggly! We have his 2015 kid fleece that weighs in at 3.5 oz. Gaston’s fleece is unique in that it has a few bright white marking.

Flora is Gaston’s sister. She sadly died last spring due to kidding complications. There is 1 oz of her fleece available. Flora, has some lighter brown to golden tones mixed in with her fleece.

Coming this spring 2017:

1 type A golden/cream colored adult fleece, 1 type B grey colored adult fleece, 1 black/brown colored kid fleece, 1 type C cream colored fleece

For more information about pygora goats go here.

To learn how to process pygora fiber, including removing the guard hairs without sending out to a mill visit this site.

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My daughters checking out this fleece before shearing time. Yes, we brought a goat in the house. They are well loved!
Combing out the fleece of our Type C pygora and our only doe “Lacey”. I as a little late in getting her combed and she had shed most of her soft fleece already from her back.